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Farmers Market Avondale Arizona

I went to the farmers market Saturday morning.

12 ounces of herb pasta was $5.

1 quart bag of herb flavored pop corn $5.

1 squash $2 each.

1 Herb biscuit $2 each.

1 box 16 pieces of chocolate home made candy $28

1 un rope tomato, samples had no flavor $2 per tomato.

1 polish sausage on a bun $7.50 each.

Home made bread small loafs 2" x 5" $8 each.

Banana nut muffins $5 each

I did NOT buy anything prices are too unreasonable. Tomatoes had no flavor. I tried the free samples like other people, no one seemed to be buying much.

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Sounds like the prepared food vendors are in danger of pricing themselves out of the market . . .

Seems terribly early for a farmers' market even in a Phoenix suburb. Greenhouse tomato . . ?

Maybe, just a little too much early season optimism.


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Agreed. Local farmers markets here are overpriced compared to local co-op organic grocery store that carries some of the same source products.
Most farmer market vendors appear to rove during the week to different suburb " markets".
Prepare foods are down right outrageous- $9 for a small organic loaf? I can et the same loaf at a high end chain store sans $1.50 ($7.50)-after the parking wars



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Tell me about it! A farmer's market opens every Wednesday down the street from my house, and everything is so overpriced! I keep telling my friends to grow their own stuff, cheaper and you know what is being put on it before you eat it. Grrr :/

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