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Is it worth it for me to start a compost pile now if we will only be loving at the current spot for a year? Wondering if there is any way to do it in a raised bin so that I can transfer it to our new home in a year...or if it's just not worth the hassle.

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If you are moving in a year I would not bother with a big compost pile. Some Wormbins would be great though. You can carry the tubs with you when you move. There is info on wormbins in the compost forum on this site and some good videos on youtube.

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Depending on how far you are moving and how, I would consider making compost this year. Finished compost can be bagged and moved when you leave, plus you can use it in your garden this year.

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Yes. I would also recommend starting one this year. Whether you decide to take it with you or not, you will learn from the experience -- consider this a practice year. It will give you the chance to explore site location, what is compostable, watering and turning techniques, and how to "read" and "feel" your compost. ...and in the meanwhile, you'll be doing your share to recycle and preserve the environment. You'll be amazed how much LESS you'll be throwing out with the trash/garbage/paper recycle. :D

...and of course we'll be here to help if you have any questions. :wink:

When you move to your new home, you'll already know the basics of what to do to start and maintain a compost pile. 8)

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There are so many things that you take for granted that can be used in a compost! I would say the advantages are lighter garbage bags is also a plus! I guess I get 50 or more pounds of compost just from food scraps than would originally go in the garbage! Fish bones and skins ,Egg shells, skins and so many things even paper shredded! Outside is another story leaves , straw ,grass clippings. Chopped up Cover crops make good compost all parts of big sunflowers even some wood ash!!

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I have a BioStack in which I keep a cool compost pile going (vs. a hot or warm compost pile). When we moved in 1997, I just shoveled everything that was in the bin into large garbage/yard bags and moved it along with other garden supplies, took the BioStack apart, and re-established the bin and its contents at the new house.

No problem. If you're not moving over one or at most two days' drive, go ahead and start the compost, and plan to move it with you.

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Even if you can't use the compost it is always a good thing composting. By composting you are doing a good thing.

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got a couple buckets and a pitchfork? you can move a compost pile.

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got a couple buckets and a pitchfork? you can move a compost pile.

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