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what do you think of my soil

So I just set up a small raised bed in my backyard. I was wondering what you all thought of my soil. I used to have a BIG dog, so I never had a home garden before. My backyard was all mulch and poop. I removed a lot of the poop and mulch before I put in my bed but the soil still has some of both in it. Once I dug about 6inches down the soil was very dense and had a ton of earth worms in it. I figured it was a good sign. Anyway here in Kansas I think that the soil is fair, I just wanted to make sure the dog poop and mulch wasn't going to be a problem for my future veggie babies.

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I doubt that it is going to affect your garden too much as long as you turn it under and let it compost some. We Kansans are generally blessed with very good soil!

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