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Urban Farms in Detriot.

What I great idea. Since it's not the season yet for gardening, I like to read about different things reference it. Urban farming is interesting, it's I nice to see the lots of blight turned into lots of production. The harvests from those farms feed people in need and the farmers can hardly keep up with the food demand.

Amazing how some things come full circle. Urban Farming also helps teach people how much better tasting veggies are when you grow them.

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Yes, Will Allen and the Growing Power folks!! They are doing wonderful stuff. I heard Will Allen speak when he came to town here. He's terrific. Ideas just fly off him like sparks from a sparkler. What they are doing has so many benefits - turns waste urban spaces (of which Detroit has a ton), into productive food growing spaces, get a lot of garbage out of the waste stream into compost, provide fresh wholesome food to people who wouldn't otherwise have it, creates community, empowers people and teaches them a lot of skills....

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