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POTATOS, how do I get sprouts FAST?

I bought 5 lbs of Red Pontiac potatoes today they have no sprouts at all yet. How do I make them grow sprouts FAST ???

I want to slice the potatoes into pieces and let them dry for a few days. Then I want all the pieces to grow roots and tops inside before putting them in the garden.

I am trying to get a jump on this I would like my potatoes to be ready to harvest before we start having 100 degree weather about last week of June.

I read online potatoes are a 140 day crop is that correct ?

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Not sure where you live, (oh, i see, Murfreesboro, TN, we should be in similar growing zones) but here in NE Arkansas i just plant straight seed potatoes, cut up into pieces, in early to mid march and usually harvest well before July 1st. You should have plenty of time.....just make sure each piece you cut has at least one eye on seems like it usually takes them a week or two to come up but once they do they grow fast. I always follow an old saying i've always heard about "don't let a July rain hit your potatoes".

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Just cut them and dry them for a day and plant them. Don't worry they will sprout.

Days to harvest? Depends on the variety. From 70 to 110 days.
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(not meant for gardening use, but...) The best way I've ever found to get spuds to sprout is to plan on having them for dinner the NEXT DAY. :x Yep. Take 'em out of their nice, cool, dark, storage place in my northwest-facing kitchen and...

look at all the nice, healthy roots growing out of those potatoes. *sigh*

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