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Yes, its snowing in Austin, TX!!! Turning a little mushy on the ground. Thank goodness I already covered my garden and flower bed last night. :lol:
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Wow! I lived in Hays County for five years and I don't think I ever saw snow in February. Four inches of the white stuff here is very welcome, since it is our first measurable precipitation since Christmas.
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We had a good heavy snow here on saturday. But it didn't stay long enough to leave more than a dusting. GOOD. It's fun and all, but don't get me all the way to the midpoint of february in the 50's and 60's and then try to throw snow at me. That's just not right. I've been dreaming of an early spring for months now.

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I live a few miles outside of San Antonio and to our surprise we had 10 minutes of sleet.

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Woke up to white ground this morning,our first snow of the winter.I think we got close to two inches.
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One inch of fresh snow here this morning. We haven't really had much snow this winter.
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Hasn't really snowed here on the coast of maine much at all this winter. We've had a bunch of 45 degree days! Of course it was 5 degrees last night when i went to bed!

Did your whole area shut down like I see every time it looks like it may snow in DC or Atlanta?

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We got snow where I am also.
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We had about 1-2 inches Monday, all melted off on Tuesday. Highs are expected around 60 today....most of the extended forecasts are calling for springlike days from here on out.....glad i got some seedlings started already! :wink:

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