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mini veggies

Have any of you grown mini veggies for yourself or the market? I picked up a packet of carrots (little finger) and checking out some other selections. In searching the net, looks like there are some small beets, chard and other items. I am looking at green beans, and that may be just a bush bean picked before too big! As for Chard, could be Fordhook picked before big. I am staying away from anything squash related as I just don't want to deal with the hungry bugs!

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I grew tom thumb lettuce which is a very small semi head type lettuce!

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You may like those carrots, Susan. But, anything small takes a bit more work for less pounds . . . or, that could just be me with my clumsy hands and digitS' :roll: .

I don't know why people want to grow standard-sized bok choy. The varieties that develop nice heads quickly, are just real nice and tender! And, small. Big coarse leaves don't hold much interest to me.

There are some very nice little French beans. The pods develop and fill out while still very short. Takes quite a bit more time to pick them. There are small pea varieties, also.


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