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raised bed around tree

I've heard that its back for a tree's root system to have dirt/mulch piled up around it. What do you thing? I want to utilize space without being an eyesore so I thought about building a 4x4 raised bed around my tree in backyard. Our dirt is too hard to dig.
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I don't think the dirt/mulch should hurt the tree as long as:

it is organic and breathable (don't lay down plastic or anything that is going to block air and water passage)

it is well away from the trunk of the tree. You don't want mulch or dirt piled up against your tree trunk, where it will tend to rot the trunk out and encourage insect pests.
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The tree will compete fiercely with other plants for sunshine, water and nutrients. You may get some flowers to do OK, but it won't be a prime situation for veggie plants.
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and if the tree is big on surface / shallow root feeding, any significant depth can kill the tree.

I see that in new developments all the time - people pay big extra bucks because the lot has 'mature trees' - five, ten yrs later they're paying big bucks to have the dead trees removed before they fall on the house.

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