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Pumpkin and Squash Seeds - which are good to eat?

OK, so after a couple seasons of failed attempts (yes, you were right jal_ut! :wink:) I've decided it's just too difficult, especially in my small garden, to try to save pumpkin and squash seeds from year to year for growing.

(yes, last resort would be to bag/tape closed the blossoms and hand-pollinate, but I'm not up to the extra task and would much rather see bees taking pollen baths in them :lol:)

So, of all those seeds -- WHICH tend to be good to eat? Are any large and worth cracking seeds edible? Are gourd (C. pepo) seeds edible too? -- Birdhouse and Bushel gourd seeds look completely different so I'm not really sure about those.

I just prepped a Spaghetti squash (C. pepo) for dinner, and it had meaty looking seeds just like pumpkins. So it was raw, but I cracked one open and tried it and it was pretty decent. Not as nutty maybe, but that might have been because it was fresh out of the fruit.

I had a store-bought small squash -- not delicata, but similar creamy color with orange stripes, shape was squat and lobed -- last week. This one had small seeds, but I dried them anyway, and I tried it just now. The seeds seemed almost too small to bother, but the flavor was outstanding... maybe worth the effort. 8)

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I've found that any big, fat squash or pumpkin seed is edible - the different cultivars and species have different flavours, but it's all good. Kombucha is a personal fave.

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too small to be worth the effort? Are you a "cracker and eater" lol. When I eat my pumpkin seeds I eat the shell and all. If you cook em just a little longer so the shells are crunchy they're quite good. And depending on how you like them seasoned...For my home we do half salted and half dusted with old bay.

Good question! I never thought about other squash seeds being edible for some reason. I'm anxious to try now! And since I eat the shells, "too small" is never an issue really.

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I feed them to the pigs

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Wow and well... :lol: Does that mean they are NOT fit for human consumption, or that you find it a good pig food and would rather increase the nutritional value of your pork?

I share the hard to crack (I generally find the shells too fibrous for my taste) and unappetizing ones with the backyard birds and wildlife and used to give some to the gerbils when we had them.

I've been trying to grow Kakai hull less seed pumpkins. I have a forgotten pumpkin sitting out there that may be Kakai. Last year, I forgot which one was Kakai and left it too long in the house -- it spoiled. I don't think it's a good keeper.

if you have livestock, I'm sure the pumpkin seeds make great supplemental feeds.

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Snack Jack is another hull less seed pumpkin.
I'm like Jeff, eat the shell and all.

My ducks eat the whole squash. I may have to rethink what I said earlier. I may grow summer squash just for the ducks. 8)



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