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Potatoes grown in plastic bags.

Hi, I am new to forums and wondered if anyone could help me with a problem. I am growing potatoes in plastic bags but with the high winds we have had since the Autumn the stems have all broken and the leaves died. Is it possible to stake the stems and with the stems broken will the potatoes still continue growing. :)

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If the stem is broken off, then unfortunately all you can do is see if they produced potatoes already, which seems unlikely, if they were small enough and there are other eyes on the pieces you put in the ground then they could regrow, but they will not be as strong a plant as they would have been. I have found that trying to grow potatoes in bags is quite difficult unless the bags are so very large that the soil mix in them is very heavy and holds the plants up, but even so if the winds are strong enough it could fall over and then the stems tend to break, staking might help.

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Dig a foot deep area say 6 by 9 and set the bags all over the surface of the sunken area place a one foot stack of block on or land scape wood on the side the wind blows. The wind will mostly blow over the plants and not be as strong!
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