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gardening zone question

hey all, I might be taking a new job position that might require a move to greenville, sc. I am confused by the time zone map I saw because I'm a little color blind. I think its between 7a and 7b, but not sure. can somebody clue me in as far as how the gardening is and how long the season is? I'm going to welcome the possibility of even having a fall if I move up there, with it still being in the 80's-90's down here occasionally, even if it does mean I won't have a 12 month growing season like I do down here. I think I saw there are some from asheville in the fruit section, and I love asheville(mountains in general)...any info would be nice :)

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I'm in the asheville area, but I get the feeling that greenville's just far enough down the hill and south that they may be different zones (we're kinda on the 6/7 line here)'d get a fall, for sure, but will likely be able to do some gardening (at least hardy greens in winter) year-round.

for reference - mid-to-high 70's here today, probably frost late this week.

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The real question is average last spring frost dates and average first fall frost dates not zone. The zone only refers low temps that might be expected and that only applies to hardiness of perennial plants. It looks like average last frost date is about Apr 10 and average fall first frost date is around Oct 23, that is what you need to know for vegetable gardening.

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