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Protecting plants from cold


Currently I have some cucumbers, 1 tomato plant, bush beans, sunflower plant, Basil, and some peppers. Next month the night time temps dip below 50F.

What is the cold tolerance of these plants? And how could I protect them from the cold to keep them going a little longer? We don't get any snow but during out winter the temps will be in the middle to lower 40s, and there could be some rare nights where the temps drop into the upper 30s.

I know the Basil will not make it long, but If I can keep the cucumbers and bush beans alive for another month and a half that would be good. Should I bother covering the tomato and peppers? How about the Sunflower? I heard as long as their is no snow the sunflower would be fine. Thanks

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you need not worry about frost, its more like the lack of sun when cloudy and rainy, and pest and disease from old age.

if it gets below 35 then you should be on guard.

feel free to kill old slower producing plants with fresh starts in your climate.

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It cracks me up, you folks from SoCal and Louisiana writing in about how to protect your plants for winter!! :) You don't have winter and you have nothing to worry about! My tomatoes, peppers, and basil are still going strong and my angel trumpet (tropical) just put out a whole new flush of blossoms, even though we've already had a few nights with temps in the 30's and a number of nights in the 40's.

If you actually do get temps in the 30's, especially if it comes in a sudden dip when temps have been warmer, you should probably throw a cover over what you can. Otherwise relax and enjoy the fact that you live in an area with no winter!

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When the ice gets on the ground I start to worry! Get the plastic out when the temp gets in the low 30,s The 40's and 50's are fine for your plants and some plants will thrive during cloudy days because they still get the bright light! I Actually transplanting on cloudy days seems to work better for me!

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I cover my container patio plantss with grocery bags when we're going to get below 40.
The most winter I've had in years was when I had to break a sheet of ice off the birdbath. It was fun !

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