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question about soil in my garden

This year, I couldn't have decent vegetables in my garden because I had fungus disease on cucumbers and zucchinis.
Only vegetable survived in my garden were eggplants.
My question is what can I do to make sure my soil is clean enough for next year when I start planting new vegetables. :P

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question about soil in my garden

Hey suzulan. Ken here in the Chicago area. Welcome to Helpful Gardener.
you've asked a great question. The only way that I know of to rid the soil of fungus
and pests is with soil solarization. You literally cook the soil. Cover the soil with
6-8mm clear plastic. Either attach the plastic to the frame of a raised bed or dig a
6-8 inch trench around the in-ground bed, cover with the plastic and fill in the trench
with soil or rocks to make an air tight seal. The soil will cook to 140 degrees on the top
and be 100 degrees down at 18 inches of depth. After 4-6 weeks of sun you have healthy soil.
I hope this helps. Take care.

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Or another way is crop rotation. I had a little fungus on some tomato plants but next year I am still going to plant in the same place. But this time I will lay down lots of mulch and I will be removing many lower leaves from the plants so there is no contact with the ground.

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Also remember to remove any remnants of the plants that had the fungus out of the garden. Make sure not to put these in the compost pile as the disease/fungus could transfer the following year once you use the compost.

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