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Hi, I have been having problems with my squash lately.

Hello, I am not a new vegetable gardener, but new gardener to a new type of climate. I now live in the Adirondacks in NYS, compared to where I grew up in long island. The Adirondacks seem to be a more moist environment compared to what I am used to. I think because I do not know the weather up here, is part of my problem on why I am having problems with my squash. Because we are renting our house from my future in laws, I had to plant my garden in a garden box so I do not destroy the yard. We live right on the swampy part of a river, and our whole backyard gets easily flooded in a good size rain storm, so it was probably the smarter idea to plant my vegetables in boxes, so they would not drown. So, my main problem is, my female squash flowers keep on rotting. They are rotting even before they grow big enough to bloom. For the ones that grew big enough, I pollinate them myself, and I get bloom rot on my squash. I had many female flowers, but they either drop before they reach maturity, or they rot my fruit. I got one squash on each plant that survived. I have one pattypan, one zucchini, and a yellow squash. I was wondering why my plants keep on doing this, and what I can do to prevent it. I let the soil dry out before I water, but the atmosphere does not always allow the same thing. A lot of times we get a week long rain storm. I was hoping to a least receive enough fruit to pay off all my hard work. I hope someone can help me

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Welcome to the forum. Please put a little more information in your profile. :D

Sounds like your problem maybe BER (blossom end rot) Take a look at this sticky. The post is in the Tomato Forum but should help.


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