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Deformed pepper leaves

Of about 40 gypsy peppers I seeded from store-bought fruit, I've grown a few weirdos. I'm not sure whether all of this is physiological, bugs/disease, or both.


This one is very lopsided, very slow, acting like it's trying to grow stem-first. Others have grown normally, but some leaf shapes are deformed. I don't think the edges are bug-chewn, I watched them grow that way. Are plants like this likely to grow weird fruit, or none? Should I chuck em?

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I have a Gypsy pepper too. But I bought it as a small plant. I read that the seeds are not true and will not grow right. I really don't know if this means no peppers will grow or the peppers will be poor quality etc.

My plant has some leaves like that too. I thought it was from the sun. But my leaves got some bites in them too from bugs. Anyway, I can't tell you what you should do. Maybe keep a plant or 2 and see. I got one pepper off the plant, tastes similar to a banana/wax pepper. I started pinching the buds off because I want the plant to get taller. As of right now it is short and bushy.

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I don't know about gypsy peppers but I have read not to start seeds/plants from store bought fruit because they do something to the seeds so they are difficult to grow a plant, if you can. ?? It's always worth a try though. :)

Anyhow, I was compelled to reply because I wanted you to know that I have noticed my bell pepper leaves sometimes grow in like the pic you had on the right. Once the leaves get bigger usually they 'unwrinkle'. Don't know though how big gypsy leaves get. I think it has to do with lighting and/or temp. Nothing to be to concerned over unless you see holes/bugs.

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