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pumpkin problems

HELP PLEASE I am having problems with my pumpkin plants in that originally I had pm on the leaves of my pumpkin plant that turned yellow, brown and then crusty and are dieing after I sprayed them with fungicide 3 however the pumpkins are growing well and I have many tiny ones about to flower and there are a few leaves still green towards the end of my plant (which is still growing and expanding)
Is there anything I can do and will the pumpkins continue to grow or die with the plant

It has also been a very very rainy season with lots os rain in a short amount of time ... could that be part of the issue :(

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Not unless you sprayed it on without properly diluting it. It has been a bad winter squash year most places. I would let the plant be and keep it hydrated when needed. Check the pumpkins on the plant if you can't put your thumbnail into the skin they are done growing. Remember the plant wants to produce seed, not pumkins, it is the gardener who wants the shells around the seeds. If the plant is convinced that it has ripened enough seed it will die back.

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Could be that the fungicide hasn't worked properly. The same thing has been happening to my zucchini, the leaves that have had PM on them the longest have been turning yellow and dying. I've been cutting them off as they get affected, and new growth has generally been continuing well down the vines.

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