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Freezing corn with the hush on!

Lots of times I got some great tasting corn but the next day even if I put in in the ref it looses its taste. I got some extra sweet corn last week and thought I will put a ear still on the husk in the freezer. Tonight I ran it under the hot water and took the husk off. It was in the freezer for about 5 days and it tasted just like the day I bought it! I was surprized that it was not real soft but excellent. So now I will reserve a spot for a half dozen con in the freezer to keep for a few weeks! I love corn on the cob!!!

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OK, I get it. But, at first, I was wondering why we had to "be quiet" when freezing corn.

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I was wondering why we had to "be quiet" when freezing corn
That's because if the corn gets overly excited it pops. :shock: :lol:


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Some facts about corn:

As soon as corn is picked the sugars begin to turn to starch.
Refrigerating corn will slow down the process, but not stop it.
Start the water to boil then go pick the corn.

Corn destined for the freezer is best blanched before freezing to stop the enzyme action that will change its flavor if not blanched.

Corn picked at just the right stage of maturity with nice sized sweet kernels is best for eating fresh and freezing too. Poor quality corn can not be helped by cooking nor freezing.

[url=]Here is how we do our corn.[/url]

I won't freeze corn on the cob because it takes up too much freezer space.

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Great tips ! I can see those good kernels going into corn muffins !

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lakngulf wrote:OK, I get it. But, at first, I was wondering why we had to "be quiet" when freezing corn.
You have to be quiet because the corn has ears.

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