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Gooday. Myself and my neighbour both grow a lot of beetroot. Just joking my neighbour, after cutting the top of his beetroot, planted the tops, they are growing good. Can someone tell me will they produce the beetroot.

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I'm anxious to know the answer to this one - I love beets --- if it is possible to get a second crop off the leaves that would be awesome. I was just in the garden today considering picking a bunch of the tiny beets for pickled beets. I may just have to try planting the leaves myself to see how it goes.

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I'm not sure, either, but the beet greens are the same plant as Swiss chard. Both are Beta vulgaris, but one was bred for large roots and the other for large leaves.

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I haven't tried this myself, but I don't think you will get another root like the first one. The beet plant needs the taproot that is now gone and it will probably just behave like Swiss chard. There may be a few larger roots, but they still probably won't be the same eating quality (woody). This is probably the same with other large taproot plants such as carrots.

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