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Just wait it out ,nothing is wrong...

I've also had the common blossom drop problem last year when I planted my jalapeno peppers and my general conclusion from my experience and from I've read on other forums that theirs no specific diagnoses/solution for this problem you just have to wait it out a few weeks all the while it keeps on producing flowers it will keep on producing blossoms till they will eventually stop falling off ,all this is said when there are no other problems

Do you agree with me on this one , I seem to be the first to say it...

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There should be no reason for a significant amount of blossoms to fall off if one is taking care of the plants properly and there is sufficient pollination.

Yes, every single flower will not set fruit, but hot and sweet peppers have the ability, under sufficient care, to set over 90%

Proper plant nutrition is key, giving the plant the right amount of what it needs at the right time.

And hey, it's actually pretty easy. Too many people get caught up in what kind of fertilizers their using this and that, brands ect. and far too many people over care for their plants!....Its a will grow. Your not going too the moon here...your growing a plant.

So what to do...for peppers....In simple terms... use high doses of nitrogen in the beginning growth phase with lower but still adequate ammounts of phosphorus and potassium. Make sure your plant gets the micronutrients it needs as well. Any complete fertilizer will do....then when you see flowers starting to form pick them off, then start to apply much much lower ammounts of nitrogen and much high doses of phosphours and pottasium to get those flowers to form and set. Use common sense though and don't over fertilze the plants, work your way up slow on the doses... And peppers love lots of calcium, make a note of that.


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You know what, I think you're right. It must just be a "phase" some container plants go through because I have 3 medium-small ones on the plant now and 4 other ones started.

Everything seems to be alright now.

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