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Product help

Hello, I am new to this site and very glad to find it. I hope someone out there remembers the product I am looking for. It is a pelletized chicken manure, the pellets were about the same size as rabit feed, I think the name was Black Hen or something smiliar. It came in yellow bags that were about 40 lbs. and I found it at Home Depot, it was also very cheap, about $5 a bag. It was so great because it wasn't messy like regular dry powdered maure, you could put it in your rotary spreader and sling it everywhere with hardly any dust. I have asked the last couple of years at Home Depot, Lowes and every hardware and feed store around, they all look at me like I am from Mars. Can anyone help?

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I'm familiar with a product called Cock-a-Doodle Doo that advertises on the radio show I regularly do (Garden Talk with Len and Lisa, WTIC 1080, Saturdays at noon; I'm on again on the 12th and you who are not lucky enough to be from Connecticut can hear the show on [url]https://www.wtic.com[/url]). It is pelletized and sounds like the same thing you are looking for...


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