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I have two beds of potatoes to dig up this week! I will put in yellow beans and zucks! try the yellow zucks they are very tender!. The potato soil is always very loose so almost anything will grow just add a little nitrogen! like blood meal or cotton seed meal will do it! After the zucks are doe in the potato bead I will put in a third bed for the season of lettuce and peas or climbing beans probably all three for he fall crop the firs week of sept! AH NO not winter again!
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Thanks for all the advice. I think I will go with spinach or maybe zucks. I would love a second pea planting but I don't think it will work real well here. Bush beans might also be a good idea for me.

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This is my first year with raised beds and I filled them with a clay-heavy soil. I am following my onion/garlic/potato section with a green manure to help break up the clay and add nutrients to the soil. I figured instead of taking more out of the soil in it's early life why not give some back?

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