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Sweet Potatoes are getting out of control.

This year I bought a plant tray with 6 plants at the garden center. I planted them the 1 day of June after 4 months of none stop rain every day. Plants did not seem to grow at all for about 3 weeks then all of a sudden they took off growing. I have been turning the runners around making them grow back across the potato bed but now there are so many runners I can't keep up. I have been turning them around every day but the next day there are another 60 runners to turn around again. It is a full time job keeping them turned. It looks like these things are going to take over the whole garden.


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in some places, some varieties of sweet potato are grown as vegetables for their leaves. most of the varieties you get in the states are a little bitter in the leaf, but maybe mixing some with other greens and cooking together could be alright...

I mean, you could chop tips off and compost them, too...they gotta be good for something.

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First time? :lol: I hope you left enough room for them. :wink:

Yes the ted to go everywhere like watermelon would just with smaller leaves. I keep getting mine back from my neighbors yard and they have already surpassed two rows of tomatoes. They pretty much do what they want.

But fresh sweet potatoes, Mmmmmmm Good let me tell you that. :P

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yea cut the tips off and throw them in stir fry dishes.

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looks very healthy! You can cut the tips if you want to control them, these type of vegetable needs a lot of space in the garden.

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