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Ghost pepper HELP!

Not sure what happened but one of my plants is dying. both are exactly the same, planted the same soil at the same time in the same sized pot, get the same amount of water/Sun.. Both were super healthy and starting to flower then the one took a turn for the worst. Any help will be appreciated. see picture


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Given that you have ruled out sun, water, nutrients as the problem because they are all the same as the healthy(er) one next to it, that seems to leave disease. In which case, I would probably dispose of the diseased one, to keep from spreading the disease.

I don't grow hot peppers, but if that were a bell pepper, I would say that the other one is only relatively healthy. Peppers I am familiar with usually have a much deeper green color; yours is looking a bit yellow-y and just not quite as bushy and perky as I would like to see. That's a good reason for getting rid of the diseased one. If the other one is a little bit stressed, it will be very vulnerable to any disease spores around.

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Peppers in a topsy-turvy may not do too well...

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mattie g wrote:Peppers in a topsy-turvy may not do too well...
You beat me to the punch :)

Seriously, my first guess would be disease for the reasons rainbow stated. It could also simply be that one plant has better genetics to tolerate whatever adverse conditions they may have been through (like the heat most of us are seeing).

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