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zone 7 and higher - where do you store your garlic?

I live in a house with a crawl space - no basement - Does anyone have any suggestions where I can store my garlic?

My laundry room is cool right now, but my husband is overwhelmed by the garlic smell in this small space (and for some reason he doesn't want the clothes to ward off vampires).

Currently I have it on my kitchen counter. I harvested it about a month ago, will the scent weaken over time? I am hoping I can get some to last until planting time in the fall.


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I keep them in a basket in my kitchen. With central air, the house is about 70-72 degrees year-round. I've never noticed an odor after they have dried and they don't seem to need cooler temps for a reasonable storage time. If odor is a problem, maybe you can braid them and hang in a seldom-used room or closet.

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Last year, I braided my two dozen garlic harvest in groups of 6 and gave away one braid, planted from the 2nd and hung the remaining two from the pot lid rack in my kitchen. (Actually I hung one in the kitchen and the 2nd one in the pantry)

When I have a really big harvest, I might make a wreath. maybe I could make a small one this year.

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