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Visitor in my garden, identity?

Anyone know what this fella is, a big bug at nearly 3/4" long. He might have been pushing an inch but I didn't have my tape with me. Based on what I was able to look up, I think it's a Green June Beetle. Does this sound about right and are they detrimental to the garden?:


He landed right in front of me today when I was tending the garden and started to dig his way into the soil. I poked him and he flew away. Might should have squashed him...

After reading further, I've read that this guy can be beneficial (the grubs), they don't chew the leaves extensively, but they can damage fruit extensively - ultimately ruining it. However, I did not find anything saying they are bad for vegetables - but I didn't find anything saying they are good either. Anyone have experience or advice?

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I agree with your ID, i.e. Green June Bug. Some people feel that these insects aren't quite as destructive as Japanese beetles. They will feed on plant roots, although they prefer decaying plant material in the soil. They will also feed on fruit, but they prefer decaying fruit.

I probably would have destroyed it, simply because I grow fruit in preference to veggies. As in all things, a person has to make such decisions for themselves. :)
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