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Something is eating my pepper leaves (pictures inside)

After recently worrying about yellowed and crinkly leaves, I've noticed that something is eating my gypsy pepper leaves. :? I also noticed some strange white spots that seem to be burned/embedded into two leaves. The only bugs I've seen nearby were ants and some sort of small blackish flying insect. There are a few spider webs on the containers - speaking of containers, I still need to thin out the peppers!

I have about three tiny peppers and several flowers. They don't seem to be affected, but some of the flowers seem to be wilted - hopefully the petals are just ready to fall off. I hope I don't have another problem on my hands.

Here are some pictures:




Does anyone know what could be causing this? Could it be the ants or something else? I've looked around for an answer but I can't really find anything. Thanks in advance!

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I usually don't even notice blemishes like that. They don't affect leaf function. Most times deformation like that is started when the leaves are tiny or still buds. Something may have scratched them etc. Thrips are near microscopic insects that feed on soft developing tissue and can leave damage like that, but they usually work on flower buds.

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Yes those don't look bad at all. I would not worry too much unless things get worse.

You can ALWAYS expect a little deformation that is gardening. The bugs have to eat too you know. My pepper plants look the same and I am not worried one bit. Now if you are talking about major damage than something needs to be rectified. Like the hornworms that devastated my jalapenos a few years back.

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