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Brown spots on Cucumber leaves

I am experiencing an odd problem that I have never had before on cucs. These brown spots are appearing on all of my leaves.

I water every morning, nothing unusual. I thought it was just my plants, but then yesterday I was talking to my neighbor down the road and he has the exact same problem, but has never had it before either.

Any ideas on what this might be would be greatly appreciated.


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I think I've read that this is a bacterial problem. Apparently you can't get rid of it, just make sure you water in the early morning and try not to get it on the leaves.

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My cucumber plants look exactly like that every year and they eventually die. They usually survive until they have produced just enough fruit for me to be satisfied with. They just started to show it again a couple of days ago. I removed all of the affected leaves and treated with copper fungicide. We'll see if that helps.

In the past, I've tried neem, milk, baking soda, cinnamon, etc. I've tried only watering the soil. I've removed whole plants in hopes that the others would survive. I rotate the planting locations. Copper is my next hope.

By the way, Marketmore 76 cucumbers tend to last a little longer with this disease. Last year, I grew straight eights and they died very quickly.

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