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Spaghetti Squash Dropping Buds

I have spaghetti squash growing in both the ground and in a square foot garden. Both keep dropping the buds. I water as needed (sometimes every day - depending on temp). The flowers open, begin to shut then drop.

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I had the same thing happening to my spaghetti squash when they first started flowering as well.
I posted here and learned a few things. Your plants are most likely sprouting male flowers first. most squash plants do.
There will be female ones later and as long as there is a female and male one open at the same time you can let bees pollinate them or pollinate them yourself so the plant grow fruit.

Here is what a male spaghetti squash flower looks like:

Here is a female:

Notice the baby squash at the base of the female one? that's how you tell them apart. The male ones will come and go, the female ones will grow into a squash once they are pollinated. It may take some time to get a female flower, but check the ones you have now.

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