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Thinning carrot question

Hi all...

My carrot bed is looking good, the leaves are from 3-6 inches high, some higher. Question: with the more mature plants, the ones 4-7 inches high, is it too late to transplant to thin out the rows a bit more? OR does thinning have to happen ONLY when they are younger?


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You can thin them now or any time and eat the thinnings. (Baby carrots, yum!) The remaining ones will benefit from being thinned out and having plenty of room around them. It doesn't work very well to try to transplant the culled ones to a different spot. Carrots don't take well to transplanting. It tends to mess the root up and the root is what you want.

Congratulations on carrots doing well!
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I have been doing a wrong thing this year myself and doing quit well at it.

I planted lettuce and carrots THICK. I let them grow and instead of pulling off leaves of the lettuce I just pull plants. And the rest come into play later. Same with carrots. I have "thinned" harvested my carrots about 4 times this year, today being my last harvest. They keep getting bigger. I have a TON and I mean a ton of carrots still. I was pulling some good, big carrots today and quite a bit of them.

Thing is every time I go out and harvest "thin" my lettuce or carrots it makes room for the neighbor to get bigger and cycle continues.

I don't worry about transplanting just eating.

But really I planted carrots SUPER THICK. The first time I went out and thinned most went into the compost since they were teeny tiny. But I had to make room for the next one. I was ripping out handfuls at a time. They are still doing great. I may be getting bigger carrots if I panted exactly right, but younger carrots are more tender and who has time or the will to perfectly plant carrots seed. :lol:

Of course I have two fairly long rows of them not sure how many you have planted but in situation what I am doing is working great.

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