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Beez Neez

The neighbor's girls were over in numbers today. Another reason to leave a few flowering brassicas.


This was a all most all black bee.
See you later. Thank you


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Funny that I noticed and abundance of them here today also.

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My neighbor is a flower nut, she has about a dozen hydrangeas, mop-heads and lace-caps, and the past 2 weeks from sunrise to about 2pm the bees are all over them. they blot out the flowers with their numbers. Really a beautiful sight.

I just recently caught an encore screening of "Vanishing of the Bees" and it is nice to see so many native bees here in the city. I mostly see Bumble and Carpenter, but plenty of other smaller bees that may or may not be honey bees.

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[url=]Here's a short movie[/url] (18.8 MB) of a bee in last year's pumpkin patch.


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