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Planted them too darn close!

I probably post the same type of comment every year.

I am an over crowder....

So I planted my potatoes and green peppers way too close. The potatoes are huge and overgrowing the peppers and I haven't hilled the taters yet.

Tricks? :D

I probably just have to re-home them and pray they survive.

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That's OK, Zap. It happens to the best of 'em....except Jal :lol:.

There are several gardeners here who plant entirely too close and are proud of it!

I usually plant my tomatoes about a foot apart in rows 2 ft. apart. Well, this year the rows are about 1 ft. apart as well. It's only 2 rows, though, so I hope to be alright.

If you can reach all of the plants from outside the garden, than close-spacing can actually work out well.

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Its OK. Go ahead and hill the potatoes, or you may do better to just mulch them pretty good. You would not want to pull soil away from the peppers to hill the potatoes. It won't hurt if you mulch the peppers a bit too.l Have a great garden.

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Take it from me, I'm an excellent mishmash over crowder :wink:

I agree with others -- unless they are super crowded, just put up strings on stakes to basically flop and keep the potato vines away from the peppers and go ahead and hill the potatoes.

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With potatoes, It must be New England Crowder. :lol: :P


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Re: Planted them too darn close!

Zapatay wrote:I probably post the same type of comment every year.

I am an over crowder....
Are you a member of our group?

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Don't worry about the potatoes they have eyes to see with so baby the peppers! You could even put some of the push in wires to help give both a little space pushin the potatoes back some! Over crowding is good for bug control and moisture!

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