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Bean Stems, No Leaves

My first planting of yellow beans amounted to some stems sticking up from the ground. The top part of the plant (leaves, seed) were gone. I have a feeling birds grabbed the seed, and flew away with the whole thing.....

Any ideas?

FYI. I replanted the beans, and they all came up fine.

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This is the reason I started using floating row covers.

Yes, Birds, rodents - like mice and voles. Slugs and or snails also.


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Rabbits and birds love the tops of freshly sprouted beans. I now grow all my onions and garlic around the perimeter of my garden as a barrier to keep rabbits out and use floating row cover on my seedlings until they are big enough that the birds don't bother with them.

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In my Cincinnati garden, green plants nibbled down from the top like that, leaving just a little nub of stem was a sure sign of groundhog/ woodchuck.


Birds may eat planted seeds, but once the plant has sprouted, the seed is gone... but this was a thread from 2011, suddenly resurrected!

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