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Critters Will Eat Rhubarb Leaves and Roots when Hungry

Because Rhubarb leaves and roots are poisonous and everything I read said deer and other critters will not eat them, I planted my rhubarb plants outside the 8 foot fenced garden. Well, this is a warning. I am in Texas where we have not seen a drop of rain in months. A couple weeks ago all the leaves on my baby rhubarb plant got eaten. :( The other night someone dug up one of my rhubarb roots and ate it. :cry: Hungry desperate animals will eat poisonous plants. Hopefully the rhubarb root whose leaves were eaten will grow new leaves and live.

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A large animal has to eat quite a bit of Rhubarb for it to be poisonous and most cultivars are even less harmful then the wild. 140lb human has to eat about 5kgs for it to be lethal*


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