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Worm eating shallot and leek tops

The other day, I noticed some of the tops of my shallots had been "cut" very cleanly. I couldn't think who would do that.

While taking my evening walk through the garden awhile ago, I noticed this dark colored worm on one of the leek plants very busy chomping away. Of course, my first reaction was to squish it - and I did.

It was black/charcoal in color and about 35-40 mm. Any idea what it is?

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black cutworm . . ?

Scroll down to near the bottom of the page:
[url=]Integrated Pest Management, University of Minnesota[/url]

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That could be it. I've never seen one before and frankly, this is the first year I have grown the onion family. Until this year, it has been tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and cucumbers - also many herbs but not in the garden area.

I am learning a lot about pests this year. I will have to watch for them and maybe slip on some of my lates gloves to root them out. Found this guy in the evening.

Maybe I will start carrying the camera out to the garden with me.

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