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I also found my first Japanese beetle on the eggplants yesterday morning (then a gross worm eating my shallots and leeks last night). I squished the bugger. The Japanese beetles will eat anything green.

I am going to keep squishing them and maybe get some traps.

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(1) Fleabeetles are turning mine into lace.
(2) I just discovered 2 more eggplant starts in my dappled shade nursery corner. :o
These look well with no fleabeetle damage -- go figure. :roll:
(3) Overnight temp dipped to 54ºF this morning. :shock:

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After reading the previous posts I ran outside to check up on my "tenders" Still there and no bugs. :shock: I didn't realize how much work these plants need. :lol:

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Eggplant parm tonight!!!

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