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My husband and I just bought a house and in the corner of the backyard by the shed is some rhubarb. It's big, ugly, and bolted. Is there anything I can do with it? My grandmother had rhubarb and I never remember it looking like this. I have dreams of using rhubarb in some baking some day. But I'm not sure what to do with this plant.

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Go out and pull all the leaves and stems. The stems go in the kitchen, the leaves in the compost. Hope you have some recipes for rhubarb ?.
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Also, get those seeds before they fall, unless you want lots more rhubarb!

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Next year just break or cut those flower stalks off as they appear. The plant doesn't need to expend energy producing flowers and seed - well, not for your purposes anyway.

We have gone over our 3 rhubarb plants once, harvesting all the leaves. They will come back and more will be available for harvest. After that, we'd better leave them alone altho' we have harvested a little rhubarb in the fall.

The best rhubarb plants I know of, including the 3 plants here in the yard, grow on the east side of a building. They just seem to do real well in that setting.


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