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Controlling/Getting Rid of Striped Cucumber Beetles

Those sorry little beetles landed on the squash about the minute I planted them. I need to get my cukes and melons in and would like to know what others do to battle these little demons.

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Some say planting radishes with the cucumbers helps.
You can also try scented traps.
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Using a row cover (that must be removed prior to flowering) can help a little.
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DH used some rotenone/pyrethrin and I've been squishing them like crazy. They want all of the blooms and bored through a few fruit - arrgh!
I found only one this morning and he did NOT get away!!!

I planted the cucumbers and melons and, so far, no striped cucumber beetles have found them - so far.

DH thinks squishing them is gross - but then, I'm the gardener, grew all of the garden plants, and have months of hard work to protect. Besides, they are really tiny things. If you didn't know what to look for you could miss them.

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