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My First Jalapeno (Pics NSFW)

I thought it would be mild because I think I tend to overwater, but this bad boy made my nose and eyes water. Can't wait to try it in salsa once my tomatillos and tomatoes are ready for harvest too. The plant is covered in fruit. I plucked this one to free up resources for the up-and-comers [img][/img]
Well, that was a seedling bought from a nursery. I hope the seeds I have sown myself fare as well when they germinate....if they germinate. Kidding on the NSFW part.

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Mine too! Have been watching the full sized fruit for about a week, but waiting on the walls to thicken. Today I noticed those lines that appear on mature fruit so it was harvested today and served as a side with the evening meal. We had cucumber, jalapeno, basil, and green beans from the garden. Also had the first slicing sized tomato on my sandwich for lunch. Just love it when the garden starts giving us a majority of our meals. I don't particularly care for extra spicy so mostly buy jalapeno varieties such as Tam or Fooled You. Also buy a few plants with regular heat. When making salsa, we always add jalapeno powder to get the heat content right if it needs spicing up a bit.

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So you are growing tomatillos too. I find it sad how many people pass this amazing FRUIT (yes, it's true) up. I use it in my Chili Verde (Mmmmm..) I have never grown them.

1) Were they rather easy?
2) Were you able to find any secrets to making them larger than you would normally find in the store produce isle?

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