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Problems Growing Basil

Hi all,

I'm new to gardening, but I've been trying to grow basil recently. I tried 2 years ago, and the basil kept growing like crazy and I kept harvesting the leaves.

I've tried again twice in the past two years, but now all the basil does is stay the same size as when I buy it, and the leaves slowly turn from a deeper green to a more yellow-green. The texture also turns kind of 'squeaky' (best I can describe it). And the plant doesn't really seem to grow at all.

Any ideas where I'm going wrong? It gets full sun, I live in southern california (north San Diego area).


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When you planted it did you spread the roots? Dig a bigger hole than the pot? Is there something different in where you planted? You could try Ironite. I have good luck in some what sunny spots.

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Could you be over-watering? Basil hates wet feet.

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