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starting to pod up

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Here's what mine looked like when I first bought them. You can barely see them in the photo, but they're being dwarfed by the strawberries and habaneros. Probably around February.


This one is mid march, you can see I have finally planted them in my garden, and they've grown a bit, about the size of the habaneros in the last picture... about 6 inches?


A picture taken this week, you can see how much they've grown! Between 12-16 inches now. They are now giants compared to the habanero plants lol. They've flowered a bit but haven't set any fruit yet. Hopefully soon!


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Ghost Peppers

I've been growing mine indoors. I have 2 plants but my issue is my flowers keep falling off. The plants are huge and healthy. Its in a humid warm area. I've tried different levels of nutrients but with the same result.

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