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Patchy frost tonight

Hey guys there is suppose to be patchy frost tonight. Anything I should be covering, I have leeks and onions totally exposed (very small plants). I also have some turnips and strawberries exposed....everything else are in these blue wall o waters I have.

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All of that stuff is frost tolerant. I think strawberries only need to be covered if they are blooming/fruiting.

I definitely wouldn't bother covering turnips, onions, or leeks. These will tolerate a hard freeze.

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strawberry plants are totally frost tolerant, the fruit is not.

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Yeah what soil said. You should be good with what you got. Patchy frost is questionable as well.

We had patchy frost a few weeks ago. It was like 36 or something. But the thing is the ground was warm so it did NOT frost though roofs did. Has it been warm or at least sunny where you are at? IF so even some of the frost sensitive plants might make it. I had a bunch of tomatoes in the ground for my frost I covered them though but everything made it out alive since the ground was warm enough not to frost it was just covered in a heavy dew the next morning.

They are talking about patchy frost around me this week but I am not worried, another reason other than the ground being warm is that my frost sensitive plants have been in the ground for quite a while and are used to the crazy temp fluctuation we have in MO.

The wall of water, assuming it has been somewhat warm, will help even more.

So all that being said if you were in my garden I would not worry too much but I don't know the conditions you have.

Are you confused yet? :lol:

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