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My repurposed pea trellis


Just thought I would share my pea trellis idea. [/img]

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As they say in the gardening business "Break a leg". :lol: :lol:

That is awesome though I love the originality, a lot of us on here like to reuse, reclaim, recycle whatever we can. I think you may have "broke" into new barriers though. :lol: That looks to be ideal maybe I should start marketing this kind of thing. :wink:

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iamsofaking wrote:[img]https://i826.photobucket.com/albums/zz190/semajsmadda/05-10-11_1845.jpg

Just thought I would share my pea trellis idea. [/img]
That is so awesome! Made me laugh at first but it's brilliant! Good call!!! I am in a bit of a pea crisis right now myself and I have some spare crutches laying around too. Sadly, it's too late for me to use this idea, I will next year tho, guaranteed! :D

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lol....good idea. Hope it doesn't become a crutch for you. :)

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lol nice one, I would make the strings go to the top though, they will easily climb that far. ours get 8 ft trellis and end up about 7ft.

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