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Well, I have briefly had the black berries growing in the yard, but since there was to much shade where they were planted (behind garage) they have since died off... But my goal is to grow some grapes (green and concord) and blueberries... I have had a hankering for some home grown fresh blueberries for about a year now.. I know they will grow.. cant go down the road where I live without seeing blueberry farms.
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Lilacs, rhododendron, kalmia. Too hot here for them. Cherries, too. Ohhhh, Narcissus, Tulipa, too. Blue spruce! Paper birch!

Okay, don't get greedy, 'than. Just a few daffodils will do.

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avocado tree!!!!!
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Mango tree for me and Avocado tree for the with. I have the room and may put them in. But not sure were to put them. Already have a small fig tree. :D
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