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Where is that Wascal Wabbit?

If I start talking like Elmer Fudd you will know that I have declared war on wabbits. Green beans were just blooming and ready to produce...wong. Little cukes were showing up and I was ready for a cucumber sandwich....wong.

Some little creature is cleaning me out. I hope he does not like tomatoes and squash.

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Before the CATS :twisted: took over I had a resident rabbit in the garden! I can honestly say I never noticed that he ate any of the plants too badly. He would scare the living junk out of me though when picking green beans, all hunched over and he exploded out of his nest in them! :shock: I'll take a rabbit over a cat any day!

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One rabbit can be cute, but usually they don't exactly enjoy the single life and before you know it you are feeding a whole family. :shock:
I had rabbit and squirrel problems when we lived in the foothills. They would eat the young plants faster than I could replace them. Since I am only a small scale gardener I dusted my plants with red pepper and that seemed to do the trick. After a few days they got the message and stayed out of the vegetables. Though we did have a lot of fruit trees and I didn't mind them picking up a few fruits, especially the ones that had dropped to the ground. They also kept my boysen and raspberry bushes from growing too wild.
In return the squirrels would leave me little presents in the form of sunflower seeds in my rose bed. :lol:
Every once in a while I would come out in the morning and found dozens of little sunflower seedlings poking their heads out of the ground. When it was a convenient spot I would thin them down to one or two, cage them until they where big enough and let them grow. Always interesting to see what kind of seeds they had buried this time.

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In a word-----Gamo, they're great air guns, that make no noise, and will dispatch "Bugs" with one shot, and they're cheaper to shoot than a .22, so if you live in a residential area, you'll be go to go. If you don't want to "off" the "waskally cwitter", then I heard Marigolds will keep the little varmits away.
Good Luck,
Paul :D

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What's funny is I've heard marigolds referenced to keep away just about every garden pest there is.....and then I hear that it attracts pests and should be planted AWAY from the garden in order to keep the pests there instead of in the garden.

The only real scientific thing I think I've heard about the marigolds is that an exudate produced by the roots helps to keep away nematodes.

Anyway, I'm getting off-topic.

For you rabbit, why don't you try a "Have-a-Heart" live-trap? You could then relocate him somewhere he'd be more welcome.

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I had [url=]squirrel problems last year.[/url]

This year, I'm prepared! Or so I think . . . .

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