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Broadforking after planting?

Due to some poor planning on my part, my nifty new broadfork with 14" tines is going to arrive after I've already planted three rows of corn. One row will have been in for 12 days, and the other two rows about 5 days. As of today (day 8 ) the oldest row is just poking out through the soil, and tallest shoots are about an inch high.

Can I safely broadfork between and around the rows without killing the seedlings if I'm gentle? I have some [url=]pretty hard soil[/url] below the top few inches that I've tilled and furrowed, and I'm thinking that some 'forking would help once they try to grow deeper roots.

But only if I'm not going to kill what I've already planted. Would a gentle lift-and-jiggle hurt them?


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I wouldn't if it were me. Corn has strong roots and will handle the hard soil pretty well. On second thought, you might get away with loosening the soil in the middle of the rows, it would help with water infiltration.

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