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just cut seed potatoes

so this will be my 3rd year growing potatoes... i have great success with them... i just cut 14 lbs of reds whites and blues. i only ever grew yukon gold.. and this time im trying 2 different kinds of each color... any suggestsions??? and i should be safe planting them tomorrow right? april 30th?

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Greg, I don't know about your timing there but I've planted my potatoes - probably a little early for this year.

Since you have had success growing Yukon Golds you probably have crowded them just a little or cut them into fairly large pieces so that they didn't try to grow too large and develop hollow heart. You may also think of the crop as one that can come out of the ground in early August at the latest. That may not be true with your other varieties.

I was kind of forced into harvesting some russets last year because they were planted with the early-maturing Yukons and with an early red. They probably could have benefited from another 3 weeks to their season.

You may want to check on the maturity listing for each variety so that you don't make that mistake. Or, separate the varieties so you can choose your harvest dates on something other than Yukon Gold's earliness.

Fingerlings are often late varieties. Reds are often early.

. . . just my 2¢!

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and i should be safe planting them tomorrow right? april 30th?
I think you will be just fine planting on April 30. I wish it would quit snowing so I could plant. I usually plant corn on May 5 and that is coming right up. I may have to delay planting a week if the cool weather persists.

Good advice to keep the varieties separate. Good luck with this planting. I think you will enjoy the other varieties.
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Check out applestar's thread on phenological signs - how to tell when to plant by what else is happening in the world.

For potatoes, it says plant potatoes when the forsythias bloom. If that has already happened where you are, then you are fine!
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