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Hit the Heirloom sale today...

I just got home from the heirloom tomato and pepper sale that people on this board tipped me off about last year. It is in Louisville, KY at Thienman's nursery.

I picked up some some California Wonder Bell Peppers, some Jalapenos, and an interesting-sounding Japanese sweet pepper called a shishito.

And I grabbed six varieties of tomatoes to try:

Kellogg's Breakfast
Black from Tula
San Marzano Bush

I also grabbed two Kentucky heirlooms:

Dr. Goodwin's Kentucky Red
Australian Heart (which was developed by Joe Theinman, the guy who started the nursery at which they have the sale.)

I can almost taste these already...This is such a fun hobby!

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Some of the heirloom tomatoes are great tasting and really meaty but look really funky.
If you can get past the looks of some of them you are in for a real treat.

You have to grow your own because many people would never buy them at the store because of their looks.


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I wish more places were like that...good plants and good advice. Our local nursery goes with the popular varieties (mostly hybrids), to keep the profit up I guess.

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Let us know what you think of that Japanese sweet pepper, Appaws. Unfortunately, many of us have an idea that a hot pepper looks one way, and a sweet pepper looks like something different.

First of all, there are jalapenos that are not hot but have that distinctive jalapeno flavor. I think those are great (but, I've had a little trouble mixing them up with the hots in the harvest basket :oops: )!

I have grown Fushimi sweet peppers over the last 2 years. Those are just wonderful little sweet peppers for a stir-fry! I've got more plants to set out soon!

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Glad to hear you have some good heirloom resources in your area. Many folks don't. If they don't start them from seed, they either won't have heirlooms or will have to pay outrageous prices to order plants from a catalog.

Digit, I've heard of the heatless jalapenos, but didn't know that they still had that jalapeno flavor :idea:. Now I want to give them a try even more.
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