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T-post fence

So I started fencing off my garden and I realized I didn't plan for an entrance. I bought a bunch of t -posts and welded wire fence. How do those of you that use a t post fence make an entrance for yourselves?

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How high is the fence? I only need a rabbit fence 24-28"H so I just use the fencing all the way around and create an entranceway with posts on either side. I secure the fence panel to one post with heavy wire and, depending on the gauge of the fence panel, weave a bamboo pole on the end for extra strength. Secure the "gate" closed with clip on carabiners or clamps.

But I only use the "gate" when I need to bring things in or out with a wheelbarrow or I'm letting my parents or small kids in to enjoy the garden. For everyday use, I just step over it like a hurdle -- it's my leg-lift exercise regimen... And believe me, wearing heavy gardening boots, multiple trips in and out of the various garden areas can leave me burning in the beginning of the season! :lol:

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This is my backwoods engineering for my fence. I have two posts (I.e. the gateway) wide enough to fit a pickup truck through, and on the end of the fencing I have a 2x2 post wired on. The bottom of the post fits down in a depression in the dirt next to the T post, and a wire loop at the top of the wooden post slips over the top of the T post. I simply pull back the section of fence and let it flop over when I want to walk in. I pull it back as much as I need for getting the wheelbarrow or truck through.

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