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I cut down 25 shade trees in my front yard. I want to replace them with fruit trees. Cherry, plum, pear, apple. I am not sure which type are best for my climate. We have lots of rain Channel 5 weather man said we had 300 days of rain last year 2010. We have had about 2 ft of rain the month of April. Humitity is high all the time. This time of the year Feb to May temperature is UP and DOWN 85 to 20 degrees back up to the 80s. We has been 85 several times since Feb and in the 20s and 30s several times too. About June the weather totally changes to hot and dry with very little rain from late June to mid to late August. We had 6 weeks of 100 deg weather last summer with only 2 small rains. Soil is clay I add lots of organic material but in 3 years the organic material is totally gone. The clay soil holds water like a baby diaper. I till in sand and organic material it helps the soil drain.

PawPaw trees grow wild in Illinois where I use to live 45 miles north west of Evansville IN. I don't remember for sure when they are ripe I think about late May or early June. They are easy to find in just about any forest just walk out and look they are easy to see by their leaves. The trees never grow very large but they have pear shape fruit that is a lot like a banana when it gets ripe.

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Yes, Sunrise Earth is the show. I love it when I can remember to turn it on. I know it is on most cable systems and can be located with the search feature of your menu button. It comes on early in the morning and then clicks off to regular programming around 9:00 a.m.


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