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5b here! I have carrots, spinach, onions, swiss chard, beets and dill planted. Garlic is doing good and I planted 5 sweet peppers last weekend. We're having very dry weather and I am having a heck of a time getting seeds to sprout. I'm watering daily with a decent sprinkle to keep the top moist. So far, the seeds are sprouting very spotty and I have replanted most of it except the carrots and dill. Temps are running from the 30's to 96 and so are the winds! :evil:

Such is the life of a gardener! I'm eyeing this weekend to put in the rest and plant more seeds for the warm weather crops.

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graupel . . .
the 3rd day for storms and the 2nd day it snowed on me while tilling! the tiller is still running but i took off my gloves to snap the picture :wink: .
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